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What is Your Goal - Money or Meaning?

I recently met with a veteran working as a reservist 14 days a month. Her initial inquiry concerned résumé development. She was thinking she would like to apply for another part-time job. After discussing her situation, it became clear money was not her primary goal. In her case, making more money would negatively affect her income situation. She identified what she felt was missing in her life, a renewed sense of purpose and structure. If you are looking for meaning - after a career in the Canadian Armed Forces, complete the following steps:

# 1. Personality Assessment to better understand yourself and how you interact with others.

# 2. Interest Assessment to identify your interest codes and a potential list of occupations. This list can be used to identify volunteer roles to fulfill your goals.

# 3. Values Activity to generate your Value Rating Results.

Armed with this information regarding the role you are looking for, it is time to explore organizations that may be a fit. # 4. Research local clubs and community non-profit organizations from directories at your local library. Check out on line resources:

  • ; provides interest groups and opportunities to meet new people in your local community.

  •; the Canadian non-profit sector's online resource for recruiting, news, and training.

There are many volunteer organizations within the Veterans Community to explore. For example:





# 5. Talk to people and let them know your interest area. Organizations are always looking for dedicated volunteers to build stronger communities. # 6. If you would like professional assistance from a Certified Career Development Practitioner, contact


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