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“Establishing a firm foundation for success begins with a plan.”

Having a plan provides direction and purpose to your daily activities. Putting your plan into action generates results and reduces anxiety. While still in the military, it is important to get your paperwork so that will assist you in transitioning to a civilian career. Start these activities as early as 24 months before your anticipated release date.

1. Set up a personal and professional email, generally use your name and middle initial if necessary to obtain an email address. Popular email providers for professionals include Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and ProtonMail. Send all your important documents for your career transition to your email address.

2. Make yourself a “Me Inc.” folder electronically and have paper copies of your important documents.

3. Request and review your MPRR – Members Personnel Record Resume. Make sure the information is correct and current. Send copies of your documents to your personal email address and save them to your “Me Inc.” folder. This document contains private information and is not to be used to apply for civilian employment opportunities.

4. Collect your PERs – Personnel Evaluation Reports. Send copies of your documents to your personal email address and save them to your “Me Inc.” folder.

5. Compile letters of appreciation, commendations, internal memos, notes, and messages that talk about your outstanding contributions.

6. Ask for permission to contact potential work references, and identify 3 or more supervisors, if possible. Ask them for their personal contact information so you can connect with them once you are released. If you have trouble thinking of 3 supervisors, reach out to co-workers who can speak to your work ethic, skills, and knowledge level. It can be difficult to contact potential references due to postings and or deployments post-release.

7. Attend the SCAN (Secord Career Assistance Network) seminar, and learn about the resources and services available to you.

8. Open your free LinkedIn enter the basic information into your profile. This will enable you to start following companies, and people of interest to you, as well as to explore and research job opportunities. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that creates an even playing field for members to reach out and connect with other professionals across the globe.

If you already know the role you wish to pursue in the civilian labor market and want expert help with creating a professional LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by employers and recruiters, check out my services, Ally Career Solutions. Book a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss your situation.


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