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Never Underestimate the Power of the Thank You Note

One of my career coaching clients asked me if she should send a thank you note after the interview. My response was, yes!

She had been interviewed for a term teaching position and was 1 of 2 people selected from the substitute list. Teaching is a very competitive field and it is an arduous process to obtain a full-time position. Taking appropriate action to differentiate yourself from other candidates is a must.

Sending a thank you note or email after the interview serves 3 primary purposes:

  1. Let's the interviewer(s) know that you appreciated their time and the opportunity to meet them.

  2. Reminds them of the skills, knowledge, and experience that you can contribute to their team.

  3. Reiterates your interest in the position and demonstrates your thoroughness.

In my client's case, the "thank you" email added to her overall professional impression. The interviewers specifically commented on the fact that she made the effort to send the thank you when contacting her with the employment offer.

Adding a thank you note to your job search process provides another opportunity for contact with the decision makers. It can also open the door for further discussions with the organization, should you not be the successful candidate for the immediate opportunity. Either way, the thank you note can be a powerful tool to add to your job search.

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Originally Posted Oct. 2018


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