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How To Get The Edge On The Competition?

Work performance testimonials are powerful statements to add to your résumé and cover letter. They verify your work ethic, knowledge and skill level. This helps differentiate you from other candidates by validating your unique value. Testimonials can make a significant first impression on a potential employer. A Certified Career Professional will ask you to provide testimonials to assist in the development of your marketing documents.

Where do you find these nuggets? Check your annual performance appraisals, letters of appreciation, thank you cards, and emails from clients, supervisors, and co-workers. For military members, the Personnel Evaluation Report (PER) has a section for work performance comments from supervisors.

To start collecting testimonials, I recommend documenting comments from colleagues and senior officers. It is important to request testimonials for situations where your efforts have contributed significant value to the organization. Creating an "Accomplishment" file is not being vain, it prepares you for your next career move. The following approach works for both military and civilian situations.

Send an email request to the supervisor asking for verification of the verbal comment for your "Accomplishment" file. Another approach is to use LinkedIn to request a recommendation, if both parties have an account.

  • send the request as soon as possible after the event

  • state that you are documenting your career accomplishments

  • provide a short description of the situation, the actions taken, and the outcomes

  • state that you are pleased to be recognized for your efforts and include the comment made

  • give permission for the person to edit the content

  • thank them for taking the time to verify the information and respond to your request

Compiling your work accomplishments enables you to seek out and respond quickly to opportunities.

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Originally Posted June 2018


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