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How To Advance Your Career Through Storytelling

Storytelling is pervasive in everything that we do, including marketing ourselves. As a Certified Career Development Practitioner working with professionals in career transition, I help individuals craft their story to emphasize the skills, knowledge, and experience they possess relevant to their desired career.

The elements that most great stories have in common:

  • there are a hero and a villain, which could be a person, place, or thing

  • it touches our emotions

  • it inspires us

  • we get to root for the hero

  • only the core elements of the story are shared

  • they start with a WHY

  • they often have a universal element

  • they lead to a goal

These elements can be utilized when preparing "stories" aka "accomplishments" for your résumé, as well as preparing for job interviews. I use the "CAR" formula to help clients identify and describe their stories.

  • C - what challenges did you face

  • A - what action did you take

  • R - what was the result

Being able to effectively communicate your skills through storytelling can lead to the desired outcome -- the employment offer. If you need assistance with telling your story to achieve your career goal, contact

Originally Posted Oct. 2018


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