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Have You Been Affected By Conflict In The Workplace?

Personality Dimensions® provides insight into interacting with others at work, school and home. Having an appreciation of personality types and behaviour, can enhance communication. It is a tool to help you appreciate your own qualities, as well as those of others.

As a Personality Dimensions® workshop facilitator, I enjoy working with participants in a small group environment. During the session "Aha" moments can be generated by the activities. We are all a unique blend of the four personality categories -- we are "plaid".

The introductory 3-hour workshop is engaging with hands-on activities. Participants discover their similarities and differences. Personality Dimensions® does not explain all human behaviour. It does provide insight into typical behaviour. The group interaction is key to the learning and transfer of concepts.

Personality Dimensions® provides a common vocabulary to describe behavioural differences as "gifts". After all, it would be a very mundane and robotic world if we were all the same.

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Originally Posted May 2018


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