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Are you A VETERAN thinking about a NEW career in Information, Communications, and Technology?

Coding for Veterans is a new option for military members to consider when planning a second career upon leaving the military. Coding for Veterans was established in 2018 as a Not for Profit corporation. Jeff Musson, CEO of Dynamite Networks and Patrick Shaw, CEO of Digital Advocacy firm Amplifi are the two founders who have spearheaded this initiative. They have collaborated with government, academia, and the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) industry to recruit and train veterans to help fill the current and pending tech labour shortage. Two training streams are being offered, one is Basic Coding from Durham College, second is an advanced program of Data Analytics and Cyber-Security from the University of Ottawa. Each program offers relevant civilian industry certifications that ICT employers require. The programs are delivered online asynchronously to enhance accessibility for veterans across Canada.

Military members bring many soft and hard skills to the ICT sector including leadership, resilience, adaptability, ability to learn, teamwork, problem-solving, integrity, strong work ethic, dedication, varying levels of technical ability and security clearances. These skills and traits are in high demand in the ICT sector.

According to the 2017 and 2018 annual reports by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), there is Canada wide shortage of technical talent and it is forecast that the demand is going to increase exponentially. According to the report, Canada is headed for a major technology talent shortage due to limited supply- increased demand, skills mismatch, and an aging workforce.

The ICTC predicts Canada will need 182,000 individuals to fill new positions for computer-related operators, web technicians, software engineers, programmers, artificial intelligence specialists, cyber-security professionals, and other related roles by the end of 2019.

Want to know more, attend the Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminar offered in your area via the Base Personnel Selection Office. The Halifax SCAN seminar is Nov. 19 and 20th. Visit the Coding for Veterans kiosk and attend the presentation scheduled for Nov. 20th.

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Originally Posted Nov. 2019


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